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Darki - Immortal EP

In 2021 Wheel & Deal welcomed several new artists to the family and in 2022 they have kicked off the year with the same format. Their latest signing is rising star DARKAI, who drops his debut ‘IMMORTAL EP’ on the imprint in February. His sound is dark and ‘techy’ with an underlining dread, perfect for Wheel & Deal Records. DARKAI had recent success with his first EP on HATCHED that hit number one on the Beatport Deep Dubstep Chart. He has received support from artists such as N-TYPE, HATCHA, TERNION SOUND, BUKEZ FINEST, HONEY & BASS and DEEPTEMPO. ‘IMMORTAL’ kicks off the EP in fine style with a weighty, juddering, dread stomper. Swinging Triplet beats with Dub echoed snare and Sci-fi sounds make this one a guaranteed club rocker. Great for radio, club or home listening, this track sets the vibe for more to come. ‘FOUNDATION’ carries a message and stark reminder to the new school “pay respect the foundation”. This track takes us deeper and darker into DARKAI’S ‘Dread-Tech’ style. Hard hitting beats and distorted bass lines and rib shaking 808’s are paramount in this track. This is perfect to kick off your club sent and sets precedence for what is to come. ‘MISTY’ was the first track to catch N-TYPE’S attention. The Haunting melody and distant Reese swirls in the introduction build the tension then the drop comes hard with distorted Reese bass lines and LFO filters. The blend of Reese bass lines and 808’s gives the track pace and a menacing sound. This is built for the dance floor! ‘MILITANT SOUND’ is fresh out the DAW! We have recently dropped some tracks like Dubplate’s, before any DJ has received the Dub from the artist to keep them super fresh. DARKAI finishes his EP off on the dark, minimal sound he has championed throughout. DARKAI is with out a doubt a name to watch out for in 2022.

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